Customize how you automate account openings

Choose the building blocks you need to collect, verify, understand, and orchestrate your customers’ identities for any use case.

Powering secure identity verification for startups and the world’s largest companies

Tackle your biggest identity challenges, painlessly

Convert more users

Minimize friction for good users while deterring bad actors by dynamically adjusting how much friction each user experiences.

Identify more fraudsters

Make better decisions by consolidating risk signals from both Persona and third parties in one place. Streamline fraud investigations with a custom hub and intuitive link analysis.

Orchestrate user identity

Automate all your identity processes within Persona. Follow up with users, update systems of records, and more — all without heavy engineering or operational resources.

Securely control and manage PII

Securely store PII to your requirements with Persona. Your data is yours to own and configure — you have full control over redaction policies, access controls, and how you use the data to support and reverify users across their customer journey.

Building blocks to power all your identity operations

Mix and match building blocks to design your ideal end-to-end identity flow that converts more users, streamlines operations, and fights fraud.
Dynamic Flow

Maximize conversion, minimize fraud

Create custom-branded identity verification flows that dynamically adjust to users' risk signals to convert more good users while deterring bad actors.

Verify users your way

Tailor how you want to verify each customer and use case. Choose from a robust library of verification methods, from verifying physical and digital documents to biometric and database verifications.

Build a more holistic picture of your users

Make more informed decisions without going through additional integrations or procurement. Enrich users’ profiles with data from global watchlists, adverse media, and email/phone risk reports.

Orchestrate user identity across your entire customer lifecycle

Automate any process — from collecting information to making decisions or following up post-decision. You have the flexibility to define custom rules and workflows for any user and use case, with minimal to no engineering investment.

Bring your ideal manual review process to life

Pull in any information agents need to conduct their reviews in a single, configurable investigations hub. Use custom macros to close the loop on investigations — all within Persona.

Protect customer accounts through the identity lifecycle

Continuously monitor and reverify users at customizable checkpoints throughout their lifecycle to maintain trust and safety.

Proactively catch and fight fraudsters faster

Uncover sophisticated fraud rings through link analysis and the ability to visualize customer networks — without investing in painful data engineering work. Bring together all the data sources you need to identify suspicious actors and ban them for good.
Persona Marketplace

Bring your data and tools into Persona

Connect the data partners and productivity tools you work with already with our library of no-code integrations. Enrich your users with third-party data signals and trigger follow-up actions in your favorite tools like Zendesk, Salesforce, Slack, and more.

Wherever your users are, we’re there too

Scale where you want to, the way you want to. Persona provides coverage all over the globe and across many languages, and we’re always looking for more opportunities to expand your coverage.

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Persona makes it easy to get started with preset templates, but if you want more power and flexibility to enrich your process, they also offer that. Because Persona’s system is so modern, we can do a lot more than just traditional KYC.
Ahmed Siddiqui
Chief Payments Officer at Branch

Integrate in an afternoon, with or without engineers

No engineering? No problem

Create and send a link to your customers to start verifying them in minutes. No code required.

Example of creating a hosted flow with persona

A seamless, beautiful customer experience with just ten lines of code

Embed Persona into your web page and enable customers to easily verify themselves without ever leaving your experience.

Example of creating code to create an embedded flow with persona

Native SDKs for a mobile-first world

Integrate with our iOS, Android, or React Native SDKs to help you create the best user experience for your customers.

Security and privacy at our core

Security and privacy are paramount to a trusted relationship. That’s why Persona is compliant and certified to the highest industry standards and committed to protecting you and your customers' privacy.

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